Road.Cc Live Blog - Zwift Announces National Championship Winners, Jesse Norman Says Reports About New Dangerous Cycling Laws &Quot;Misleading&Quot;, And Much More...

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Cyclingtips Podcast: The Gun Debate Seeps Into Cycling And The Future Supremacy Of Indoor Riding

The conversation and debate over gun control following the Parkland shooting in Florida has seeped into the cycling world. Some consumers have called for a boycott of bike brands owned by the massive firearms and ammunition company Vista Outdoor, which is a major benefactor of the National Rifle Association. But would such a boycott be … The post CyclingTips Podcast: The gun debate seeps into cycling and the future supremacy of indoor riding appeared first on CyclingTips .

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Elite Direto Indoor Trainer Review: The Sweet Spot

Elite Direto

I recently evaluated the top high-end, Zwift-compatible indoor trainers on the market in a four-way comparison test, where, unfortunately for Elite, its flagship Drivo model finished dead last thanks to an awkward and aging frame design that was neither easy to live with nor adequately stable. Elite’s new Direto may not be able to compete … The post Elite Direto indoor trainer review: The sweet spot appeared first on CyclingTips .

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Zwift: How To Access Your Ride Data From Anywhere

Zwift: How to access your ride data from anywhere

This is a sponsored article in association with Zwift. The simplest way to access your ride data is by connecting your account to one of Zwift’s partners: Strava, TrainingPeaks, Today’s Plan, Mapmyrun, Mapmyride, Withings, fitbit, Garmin or TechnoGym. Alternatively, you can download the .fit file from Zwift and upload it to whatever platform or app you want. Zwift: your complete guide How to read a Zwift ride report Connecting Zwift to fitness apps Connecting your Zwift account to fitness apps is easy, but must be done before you start riding. Zwift only uploads rides at the end of your session and won’t upload previous rides. Log in to your account, select Edit Profile in the top right corner of your screen, then click on the Connections link on the left for a list of supported apps. Choose a platform and then follow the prompts to log in and connect your ...

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Getting The Most Out Of Erg Mode On Zwift

Getting the most out of ERG mode on Zwift

This is a sponsored article in association with Zwift. ERG mode, a function found on a lot of smart trainers, controls the amount of physical effort you put into a workout by deciding how much resistance to apply to your pedalling based on your current level of fitness. Wahoo Kickr Climb first ride review Zwift: your complete guide While you may already be aware of ERG mode – also known as resistance control mode – as an important training tool, WorldTour coach Kevin Poulton says there’s much more to learn. According to Poulton — who has helped athletes at the highest level to win Paris-Roubaix, WorldTour Classics and Grand Tour stages, as well as compete at the Olympics — one of the secrets to getting the most out of ERG mode training is changing your pedalling speeds, even while ERG mode is controlling your power output. “We used to say ...

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11spd: This Week's Best New Bike Gear

11spd: This week's best new bike gear

It's been a busy week for bike news this week. We've seen plenty of weird and wonderful kit at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show , taken a look at the new thru-axle version of the Genesis' Croix de Fer and spotted a very lovely looking track bike from Ridley, the Arena . Plus Ben Delaney has given his first impressions on the Wahoo Kickr Climb before taking part in a livestream on Zwift's Facebook page this week , where you can see it in action: Friday 23 February (1pm MST / 8pm GMT), Tuesday 27 February (12:50pm MST / 7:50pm GMT) and Wednesday 28 February (6pm MST / 1am GMT). But now, with the working week soon to be finished and weekend fast approaching, it's time to take a look at 11 of the hottest products to fall into the hands of our writers, videographers and reviewers here at ...

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Wahoo Kickr Climb First Ride Review

Wahoo Kickr Climb first ride review

By raising and lowering your bike's front end in tandem with the undulations of virtual courses, the Wahoo Kickr Climb adds a new level of engagement to indoor riding. It only works with newer (2017) Kickr and Kickr Snap smart trainers, but the Climb brings something unique to riding the virtual courses of Zwift . The best smart trainers 2018 Wahoo Elemnt Bolt review Wahoo Kickr smart trainer review Like other smart trainers, Wahoo's Kickr and Kickr Snap respond to virtual gradient changes by adjusting resistance. By pairing the Kickr Climb to one of those Wahoo smart trainers, the experience becomes three dimensional. Similarly, ride files on a Wahoo Elemnt or Elemnt Bolt can be executed inside with the elevation changes simulated by the Climb. Besides making the virtual climbs and undulations more mentally engaging, the Climb's tilting of the bike can engage your climbing muscles as well. Wahoo Kickr ...

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Steele Von Hoff Q&A: On Breaking His Back, Recovering For Comm Games And More

On Tuesday afternoon Cycling Australia announced that Steele von Hoff would represent his country at the upcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. By that evening, von Hoff’s Comm Games debut was in jeopardy, thanks to a crash at Melbourne’s Sandown Raceway. The 30-year-old was involved in a pile-up in the early stages of a … The post Steele von Hoff Q&A;: On breaking his back, recovering for Comm Games and more appeared first on CyclingTips .

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Zwift: How To Unlock The Concept Z1 Bike

Zwift: How to unlock the Concept Z1 bike

This is a sponsored article in association with Zwift. Unlocking Zwift’s concept bike is a challenge that takes a bit of planning and a lot of climbing, but the end result is worth it. Your hard work and cycling will be rewarded with a sleek, futuristic machine that looks like something from a sci-fi film — the bike every Zwifter has their eye on. Getting the most out of structured training on Zwift Zwift: your complete guide Choose the right challenge Once you launch Zwift and your avatar is ready to ride, click on the ‘Menu’ button in the bottom left corner, and then select the ‘Challenges’ window in the centre-right section of the menu. If an illustration that looks like Mount Everest appears, you may have already chosen the challenge you need to complete to unlock the concept bike. Otherwise, click on ‘Select another challenge’ and choose ‘Climb Mount ...

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The Zwift National Championships Are Coming

The Zwift National Championships are coming

Online training platform Zwift has announced its men’s and women’s national championships, in which riders from the top 15 countries (i.e. the ones with the most Zwifters) will compete for the right to wear a virtual national jersey for a year. Zwift: your complete guide What is a smart trainer? Best smart trainers 2018 There will be separate men’s and women’s races for each of the selected countries, which for 2018 are as follows: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, South Korea, Denmark, Switzerland, France and Poland. All will hold their national championship races on Saturday 24 February except Australia, whose race will take place later this year (date TBC) to align with the indoor cycling season south of the equator. According to Zwift, more countries will be able to compete next year. As the Zwift National Championships are proper races, there are naturally some rules ...

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How To Fit Riding In Around A Busy Schedule

How to fit riding in around a busy schedule

Fitting cycling around your job and family life can be a problem many cyclists face — there always seems to be something getting in the way of quality two-wheeled time. So here are five tips for the time-poor cyclist on how to maximise riding time around responsibilities. Beginner’s guide to indoor training: all you need to get started Which indoor training solution is best for you? 1. Extend your commute If you’re already commuting by bike — if you’re not, get started ! — why not think about extending your route to fit a bit of training into your working week? What's the best bike for commuting? Even adding an extra 20 minutes that you can attack with a full-gas effort will make a massive difference over the course of a few weeks. Check out this article for more tips on how to make the most of your commute. 8 ...

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Get Fit Together: Bikeradar Mission On Zwift

Get Fit Together: BikeRadar Mission on Zwift

After hundreds of you joined BikeRadar for a group workout on Zwift recently we have decided to up the ante this month with a BikeRadar Mission. Your new mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete a BikeRadar group workout, a BikeRadar group ride and a BikeRadar race on Zwift within three weeks for a chance to win some swag. The grand prize is a Zwift Setup including a CycleOps Hammer smart trainer, a 40in Samsung 4K TV and an Apple TV 4K. BikeRadar's complete guide to Zwift Best smart trainers mega test (video) Get Fit Together with the BikeRadar Zwift Mission If you are familiar with Zwift , you know there are multiple ways to engage with the online training software. You can just jump in and freeride, but you can also join races, group rides and group workouts. Zwift recently started doing Missions, which are similar ...

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The February Edition Of Cycling Plus Is Out Now!

We've got early 2018 covered, indoors and out

Let's be having you, 2018

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How I Cycled Away 55kg!

Keith Jardine lost 55kg cycling

A shock revelation in the menswear department sent Keith Jardine off pedalling and he’s never looked back...

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Zwift Online Training Game Now Open To All

Welcome to Zwift Island - now inviting all guests

Indoor multiplayer games moves to ‘Open Beta’

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