Rose Xeon Cwx 3000 Review

Rose Xeon CWX 3000 review

First up, props must go to Rose for breaking the black and red monotony of road bikes (of which Rose has been pretty guilty of in the past) with this incredibly bold, almost hi-viz, fluro yellow finish on the CWX 3000. BikeRadar's Bike of the Year 2017 awards — this year's winners revealed Bike of the Year 2017: Trek Domane SLR 9 eTap wins Superbike of the Year The CWX is based around the Xeon CW aero road design, but adds thru-axle equipped disc stopping power combined with wind tunnel-tuned shape and racing geometry. My 59cm test bike features steep 73.5 and 73.75 head and seat angles with a long 407mm reach and 580mm stack. This, combined with the 1,009mm wheelbase, makes for a bike that’s a proper competition focused rig. The CWX’s aero shape is sweetly combined with a bike that feels eager and quick from the first turn ...

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How To Ride Faster On The Flat

How to ride faster on the flat

Improving your speed over flat terrain needs specific training suggests coach Rob Wakefield. Here are four ideas to boost your velocity on level ground... The best smart trainers 60 minute turbo training sessions 1. Keep it short Improve your power by building short intervals into your flat road rides with short recoveries. Start with 5x5mins at around your Functional Threshold Power )the level you can sustain for about an hour) or around 7/8 of your highest rate of perceived exertion (RPE) with 1min recoveries. Build to 4x8mins with 1min recoveries, trying to push the pace up week on week. 2. Head indoors There’s nothing flatter than your spare room or garage floor, so use a turbo trainer to perform some classic sweet-spot training, working at a hard but not painful intensity. Start by doing some short intervals of say 2x10mins and gradually build up from there over time so ...

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Tern Verge P10 Review

Tern Verge P10 review

In a decade as a cyclist journalist I’ve only ever received unsolicited comments about the bike I’m riding from non-cyclists on two occasions; and both times I was aboard a Tern folding bike… Buyer's guide to folding bikes Tern Verge X18 review Tern’s pocket-sized Surge has never looked quite so mad That someone should want to talk to me about the slightly mad looking, drop-bar Verge X18 is understandable. It was far more surprising to hear a young Bristolian urbanite say “Sick bike man!” as I rolled past him on Tern’s latest Verge, the far more traditional folder the P10. So is the P10 ’sick’? Well, yes, probably. Especially if a little extra speed, control and comfort constitutes ‘sickness’. The P10 is one of three new Tern models to sport wheels with a 451mm diameter as opposed to the more usual 406mm. Is size important? Essentially, a 451 wheel is ...

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Syncros Rr1.0 Review

Syncros RR1.0 review

Scott’s components arm Syncros offers parts and accessories covering everything other than framesets and groupsets. The RR1.0 saddle tops its road racing (RR) range, and has a carbon fibre-reinforced nylon shell and 7x9mm carbon fibre rails. It’s 275mm long and available in either 128mm or 139mm widths. Our narrower example weighed in 13g over its claimed weight at 168g, which is still pretty light. A buyer's guide to getting the best road bike saddle Best women's bike saddle: a buyer's guide As a guide, Syncros says the 128mm model suits riders with sit bone widths between 9-12cm, and the wider version those measuring 11-14cm, so there is some crossover, and if you’re in the middle ground, compare the RR1.0’s widths to a saddle you already have and like. The design incorporates a very shallow central channel with a split tail, leaving a triangular hole in the extended shell. This is ...

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The Bikes And Bits We Love From The World's Biggest Bike Show

The bikes and bits we love from the world's biggest bike show

Eurobike is the world's biggest bike show and it's where a majority of the biggest players in the bike industry still choose to unveil their bikes and other products. So it sure gives us here at BikeRadar plenty of work to do. Now, fresh off the back of Eurobike 2017 , we've spent most of the week digging through jam-packed memory cards and notebooks stuffed with illegible scribbles on the latest and greatest products that the bike industry is hoping to sell in 2018. 5 disappointing collaborations from brands you’ll already know Gallery: The shiniest cycling shoes for next season Usually at Eurobike, the standard greeting among friends or fellow journalists goes something like this: “Hey, man. Good to see you. See anything cool at the show?” Well, friends, let us answer with this article. Ben Delaney’s picks 7Mesh Mission Jersey The most important piece of this jersey? What’s not ...

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Cannondale Superx Force 1 Looks Ready For A 'Cross Fight

Cannondale SuperX Force 1 looks ready for a 'cross fight

Newly-crowned US National Champion Steven Hyde piloted the all-new SuperX this past season to great success. But the secret behind the bike goes much deeper, with the likes of Tim Johnson (450 time US national champion) and Stu Thorne ( team owner) adding input at every step of the development process. With such pedigree, one should expect the SuperX to add up to a true contender for best cyclocross bike of the year. Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2 first ride review Try this 7-day cyclocross training plan for the busy 'cross racer 2018 Cannondale SuperX Force 1 spec overview Frame: SuperX, BallisTec Carbon, SPEED SAVE (flatmount; 12x142) Fork: SuperX, BallisTec Carbon, 1-1/8" to 1.5" steerer (flatmount; 12x100) Drivetrain: SRAM Force 1 Bottom bracket: BB30-83 Wheels: CX 1.0 Tires: Schwalbe X-One All-Round 33mm Saddle: Fabric Scoop Shallow Elite Size Options: 46, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61 Weight (size 56): 18.6 lbs ...

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Orbea Gain E-Bikes Don’T Look Like E-Bikes

Orbea Gain e-bikes don’t look like e-bikes

Most major bike companies now offer e-bikes of some variety, and Basque-brand Orbea now has the Gain line of motor-assisted machines, which are remarkable for how little they resemble a typical e-bike. E-bike vs road bike: Clash of the Giants Giant Road-E+ first ride review A slim battery sits inside a normal-sized down tube, and a rear-hub motor adds up to 250 watts of pedal-assist power. Most e-bikes have fairly massive down tubes to accommodate a battery. The Orbea Gain bikes have a port near the bottom bracket on the down tube to plug in an additional battery pack, which fits in a bottle cage. Orbea calls its system “Enough Power”, meaning that the Gain bikes will offer you assistance but not a full-on moped experience. Clean routing Orbea Gain pricing You can read more at

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1x For The Road Just Got A Lot More Interesting

1x for the road just got a lot more interesting

When 3T launched the quirky Strada fat-tyred aero road bike earlier this year, designer Gérard Vroomen promised us an all-new 11-speed road cassette that would solve the ‘problem’ of providing useful gearing for 1x road setups. Eurobike 2017: latest news and show highlights 3T Strada first ride review 3T Exploro first ride review At this year’s Eurobike 3T unveiled not one, but two new cassettes called the Overdrive and the Bailout. Both offer cogs from a tiny nine tooth up to a 32, but the spacing differs to meet the needs of a range of riders. The Overdrive gives you 9-11-12-13-15-17-19-22-25-28-32 cogs, which means you get the big (hard) gear at one end followed by a moderately large jump, and then a series of tightly spaced middle gears. The Bailout takes the opposite approach, with 9-10-11-12-13-15-17-19-22-26-32 cogs offering more tightly spaced hard gears, followed by a big jump to the ...

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Own Every Back Issue Of Cycling Plus And Save Up To 91%!

Enjoy every back issue for just £47.99

Complete your Cycling Plus collection for just £47.99

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The September Issue Of Cycling Plus Is Out Now

Fresh, fast and fun (that's the bikes, not the cover model)

Scoring on debut? The new bikes making a splash this summer

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How I Cycled Away 55kg!

Keith Jardine lost 55kg cycling

A shock revelation in the menswear department sent Keith Jardine off pedalling and he’s never looked back...

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I Lost Six Stone By Riding My Bike!

Matt now

For Matthew Falconer, 38, a stag do was the spur for him to cycle off six stone and become a Transcontinental cyclist, here's how…

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Blackburn Raceday Fluid Vs. Feedback Sports Omnium

Blackburn's Raceday Fluid and Feedback Sports' Omnium are very similar portable trainers

Portable roller-based trainers tested head-to-head

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Sram Guide Re Brake Review

SRAM Guide RE brake review

SRAM’s ‘new’ Guide RE is officially designed for stopping the extra mass of electric bikes that regularly burn out conventional brakes. The good news is that also makes it an outstanding brake for anyone who needs a ton of power and control without spending a fortune. SRAM Code brake first ride review How to brake like a pro Mountain bike groupsets: everything you need to know We say ‘new’ because while it’s only just appeared on the SRAM roster, the Guide RE is a hybrid of two well established brakes. At the bar end is a standard Guide R lever, while the bike end is a four-cylinder brake caliper from SRAM ’s long-running Code downhill brake. The same pairing has also previously appeared on Specialized DH bikes and SRAM has been offering a similar XC meets DH hybrid in the shape of the Code R brake for years. The Guide ...

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Quick Guide To Bike Frame Materials

Quick guide to bike frame materials

Frame builders have a number of materials to choose from when it comes to tubing, but how do the materials differ and what considerations do the builders need to think about when choosing their metal? Over to you: Is steel real? Teacher brings frame building to the classroom 1. Alloy Most bike frames are constructed using tubes made from aluminium alloys. These are cheap, corrosion resistant, fairly lightweight and easy to form into frames. Numbers like 6061, 6063 and 7005 are a code for the additives (chiefly silicon and magnesium) that are mixed with the aluminium to form each alloy. Every ‘recipe’ has slightly different properties. 2. Steel 3. Carbon fibre 4. Titanium You can read more at

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Best Women's Bike Saddle: A Buyer's Guide

Best women's bike saddle: a buyer's guide

A good saddle that fits you and is comfortable is a hugely important element to the bike comfort equation. The wrong saddle is a special type of torture that can cause pain and discomfort. The right saddle, however, is the one you barely notice when you're riding because it's doing its job properly. For many women, a women's specific saddle is the answer and there are women's saddles available for road cycling, mountain biking, leisure riding and everything in between. Best women's bikes: a buyer's guide to help you find what you need Six of the best women’s mountain bike saddles Women's saddles are generally a different shape to men's to take into account the physiological differences between men and women; hip width and different genitalia are of course two of the major considerations. Saddles designed for women take into account these anatomical elements and products are developed around how ...

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cleaning Your Bike Chain

Everything you ever wanted to know about cleaning your bike chain

Scrub that chain to save money and gain speed

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What Is Vo2 Max And Can You Improve It?

BikeRadar - Andrew Feather - V02 Max Test - Bath University

Everything you need to know about VO2 max – including how to improve yours

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Top Five Cost-Effective Road Upgrades – Video

Top 5 cost-effective road upgrades

Give your cycling a boost without breaking the bank

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Zwift Online Training Game Now Open To All

Welcome to Zwift Island - now inviting all guests

Indoor multiplayer games moves to ‘Open Beta’

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