Ct Tech Round-Up #2: New Gear From Fsa, Microshift, Giant, Cushcore And Wera

Supported by A lot of gear comes across our desks here at CyclingTips. Our Tech Round-Up is a look at some of that gear. Sometimes it’s products we’re doing long-term tests on, other times it’s stuff we’re stoked on but don’t have time to fully review. And, sometimes it’s a wild innovation someone sent us unsolicited and … The post CT Tech Round-Up #2: New gear from FSA, MicroShift, Giant, Cushcore and Wera appeared first on CyclingTips .

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Commentary: The Limits Of Lance – A Full Review Of Espn’S New Film

ESPN's new documentary LANCE captures the full scope of the Lance Armstrong story. But the film's intense focus on Armstrong's interior self may turn off some cycling fans. Read the full article at Commentary: The limits of LANCE – A full review of ESPN’s new film on VeloNews.com .

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Ding Ding: Crane E-Ne Review And A Bike Bell Battle Royale

In the premium bike bell market, there are three leading options: the Spurcycle, the Knog Oi Luxe and the Crane e-Ne. We take an in-depth look at the last of those, and pit all three against each other in a very important, very rigorous battle royale. The post Ding ding: Crane e-Ne review and a bike bell battle royale appeared first on CyclingTips .

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Cadex Boost Saddle Review

Cadex Boost Saddle

The Boost saddle offers excellent comfort, a sleek design, and a high pricetag — not to mention a host of acronyms aimed at keeping you comfy. Read the full article at Cadex Boost saddle review on VeloNews.com .

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Bontrager Starvos Helmet First Ride Review


The Starvos takes Bontrager's Wavecel technology that addresses rotational impact forces and packs it into an affordable helmet. Read the full article at Bontrager Starvos helmet first ride review on VeloNews.com .

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Cannondale’S 2021 Scalpel Is A More Capable Cross Country Race Machine

Cannondale’s Scalpel is to cross country racing what tea is to hot water. The two just go hand-in-hand, and even way back in 2001, the Scalpel was a full suspension bike never far from a World Cup podium spot. For 2021 Cannondale is overhauling the Scalpel once again. It’s still a bike designed to win … The post Cannondale’s 2021 Scalpel is a more capable cross country race machine appeared first on CyclingTips .

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Is Cannondale’S Latest Scalpel Still Razor Sharp?

Cannondale Scalpel Hi Mod 1

XC whippet comes with a burlier, trail-friendly option

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Canyon Ultimate Cf Slx Disc 8.0 Etap Review

David Arthur Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 14:22 Highly capable road bike for road races, gran fondos or just fast and comfortable summer rides 4.0 / 5 £5,099 The Canyon Ultimate CF SLX has been the mainstay of the German direct-sales brand's race bike lineup for many years. It has been ridden to Grand Tour and World Championship success and this latest version, first introduced in 2015 and updated with disc brakes in 2017, introduced a lighter frame with an aerodynamic makeover. But in the face of rapid technological development in the road bike market does the Ultimate still cut it? Image 5 of 30 Image 5 of 30 Think of a capable all-rounder and you arrive at the Ultimate. It’s a bike designed to excel in the mountains where weight and stiffness matter, to the cobbles where handling and comfort are priorities. And with the build of the pictured ...

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Can Zwift Solve Its Cheating Problem?

If you’ve ridden Zwift, and certainly if you’ve ever raced on the platform, you’ve likely seen them. The amateurs blowing past with Cancellara watts; the B-category race winners who, based on their apparent power output, should be in talks with Ineos. Cheaters. Some intentional, some unintentional, all skewing the numbers and getting ahead. The very … The post Can Zwift solve its cheating problem? appeared first on CyclingTips .

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Scott Addict Rc Pro Road Bike Review

Scott Addict RC Pro

The Addict RC Pro feels like a jack of all trades that's a lot of fun to ride, but it could stand to hone its main purpose to become a master in one category. Read the full article at Scott Addict RC Pro road bike review on VeloNews.com .

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Our Favourite Bikes From The 2020 Gravel Bike Field Test

Viathon G.1 GRX gravel bike

It’s taken us a few months to get here, but the inaugural 2020 CyclingTips gravel bike field test is now over. The test itself took place over a long and intense 10 days, filled with far more fun and drop-dead-gorgeous scenery than there was sleep. We learned plenty from the experience: what we love about … The post Our favourite bikes from the 2020 Gravel Bike Field Test appeared first on CyclingTips .

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Best Mountain Bike Wheels In 2020 | Mountain Bike Wheelsets Tried And Tested By Our Experts

Mountain bike wheels

Our pick of the best trail-tested wheelsets and what to know before you buy

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Bikeradar Tech Talk Podcast | Are E-Road Bikes Cheating?

BikeRadar Tech Talk Podcast | Are e-road bikes cheating?

You either love 'em or hate 'em, but ebikes are here to stay – but are e-road bikes cheating?

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Training Periodization: Macro, Meso, & Microcycles Of Training

Training Periodization begins with the macrocycle.

Structured training, in its most effective form, is both periodized and progressive. To get faster, your hard work needs to stimulate specific, physiological adaptations. Training periodization divides your season into distinct phases so that your hard work pays off.

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Rapha Classic Country Jersey Review

Joe Robinson Monday, May 18, 2020 - 14:59 Exclusive, elegant, expensive. Everything you would expect from Rapha 4.0 / 5 £120 The Rapha Classic Country jersey range is a reminder of what this ever-popular British cycling brand does best. Recently, it feels as if Rapha’s attention has been lasered into developing new areas of the business, which is to be expected. Producing handlebar bags for gravel grinders, tiny backpacks for whippet commuters and knitted shoes for its Education First professional riders. But while Rapha's eye may have wandered to encompass the wider cycling community, it has not forgotten about the very bedrock of exclusive, elegant and expensive kits that helped define it as the brand everybody loves to hate but secretly wants to wear. Buy now from Rapha for £120 In that classically Rapha way, the new Classic Climbs range tells the story of 1970 World Championships in Leicester through ...

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Gore C7 Women’S Long Distance Bib Shorts Review

women's bib shorts

Gore's C7 bib shorts pass almost every test, and they're so nice I'm willing to forgive their one failing grade. Read the full article at Gore C7 Women’s Long Distance Bib Shorts review on VeloNews.com .

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Boardman Slr 8.6 Review

Joseph Delves Tuesday, May 19, 2020 - 13:34 Light wheels help ignite what is already a fast and balanced performance 4.0 / 5 £550 This review first appeared in the April 2019 issue of BikesEtc* Chris Boardman ... aka The Professor. Not only a successful rider in his own right but a key part of the Secret Squirrel club – a group whose technical knowledge and meticulous attention to detail helped propel team GB to Olympic success. But is he any good at designing bikes? This SLR 8.6 supposedly shares DNA with the quickest machines in his eponymous range. With aero-inspired tubes and an endurance geometry, it also manages rack and mudguards mounts along with clearance to fit up to 28mm tyres. The spec The frame Designed to add in compliance, the skinny seatstays on the SLR 8.6 meet in a wishbone formation an inch or two below the seat ...

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Road Changes 'A Necessity For London To Have An Economic Recovery'

Road changes 'a necessity for London to have an economic recovery'

Jack Elton-Walters 18 May 2020 If people choose cars as an alternative to public transport it will choke off London's recovery, says Will Norman. Photo: Twitter - @TfL London's walking and cycling commissioner Will Norman is understandably busy as he oversees the implementation of changes to London's roads - wider pavements to faciliate social-distancing, new pop-up cycle lanes to encourage more people away from crowded public transport and out of their cars. He took time out of his schedule to give Cyclist a call to discuss what's been going on. 'We’re delivering in days and hours what usually takes months and years,' Norman explains. 'Park Lane went in last Wednesday night, we’ve already created over 5,000 new square metres of footway – that’s just TfL’s roads, and then you’ve got a huge amount of stuff that’s happening with borough roads: closing them, filtering them, creating the walkways.' His remark 'that’s ...

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Gtech Ebike Sport Review

Joseph Delves Monday, May 18, 2020 - 12:01 The Gtech eBike Sport is quite possibly the best value e-bike on the market 4.0 / 5 £995 This review was first published in the October 2017 issue of BikesEtc magazine* Gtech's goal with its first mass market e-bike is to make the sedentary population fall back in love with cycling. The Sport's ultra-simple single-speed design was created to be low maintenance and user-friendly, so as to help encourage newbie riders. But what about those who never fell out of love with their bike in the first place? Despite a budget price, the inclusion of a Gates Carbon drive system in place of a traditional metal chain suggest serious thought has gone into the Gtech. Image 2 of 7 Image 2 of 7 The spec The frame The Gtech Sport’s aluminium frame is nicely put together given its relatively low price. As ...

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Vittoria Tierra Gravel Shoe Review: Omg, That Purple!

Vittoria — the shoe company, not the tire people — has been diligently making cycling shoes in Italy since 1974, with a modest, though seemingly loyal, following. Even brands with the longest of pedigrees need to adapt to modern times, though, and so it is that Vittoria has entered the red-hot gravel market with the … The post Vittoria Tierra gravel shoe review: OMG, that purple! appeared first on CyclingTips .

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