Speed Skating And Cycling - The Similarities Are Uncanny

Speed skating has many similarities to cycling

The Winter Olympics don't have any cycling, per se, but you'll find there's a lot in common with ice speed skating. We look into the similarities of the racing and equipment and events.

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Differences Between Shimano Tourney, Altus, Acera, And Alivio Components

Differences between Shimano's low-end groups: Tourney, Altus, Acera, and Alivio

Are there significant differences in Shimano's lower-end groupsets? We show the range from top to bottom and explain where these entry-level components fit and what you need to know.

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Cyclists

Valentine's Day sunset bike ride

If you love a cyclist, show your affection for them and their passion by giving one of these bike-related Valentine's Day gifts.

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Experiencing The Haute Route Alps

Shawn VanGassen handles the ups and downs of Haute Route Alps

Shawn and Kim took on 550 miles and 73,000 climbing feet of Alpine cols in the Haute Route Alps. They recount the beauty and challenge of the rides and what it took to make it through.

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6 Top Gravel Bikes Under $2000

Gravel riding through scenic countryside, rolling hills

Our top 6 picks for gravel / adventure bikes around $2000. These are for cyclists who like on and off-road riding and value at a moderate price point.

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Mountain Bike Groupsets: Everything You Need To Know

Mountain bike groupsets: everything you need to know

Welcome to BikeRadar's buyer's guide to mountain bike groupsets. A group, gruppo or groupset are all ways of describing the collection of parts that make up a bicycle's drivetrain. The components include the shifters, crankset, bottom bracket front and rear derailleurs, chain, and cassette. Brakes are sometimes included in component series, but for this article, we're going to stick to the items that comprise the drivetrain. How to adjust the rebound and compression settings on your mountain bike Best cheap mountain bike upgrades Just like our buyer's guide to road bike groupsets , this guide is designed to explain the components of a groupset and the different options offered by the two main manufacturers: Shimano and SRAM . It is more common to see complete groups on road bikes. When it comes to mountain bikes, however, brands usually mix and match parts from various groups — and in some cases ...

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Meet Rider And Writer Shoshauna Routley

Shoshauna Routley crashed out of Tour de Delta White Spot Road Race

Retired pro cyclist Shoshauna Routley joins BikeRoar as a regular contributor. She shares about her life, how she got into racing, why she's writing, and the story of that photo.

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Today's Helmet Tech Reduces Rotational-Impact Head Injuries

Bicycle helmet technology to reduce traumatic brain injury (TBI)

We examine the latest in bicycle helmets – much improved protection than those of yesteryear, with designs and materials to handle the complex interactions and forces of a crash.

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Rocky Mountain Recalls Mountain Bikes Due To Crash Hazard

Rocky Mountain recalls mountain bikes due to crash hazard

Select models of Rocky Mountain's 2018 mountain bikes are being recalled because improperly secured brake housing presents a crash risk. Check to see if your bike is affected.

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Mbuk January 2018 Is Out Now

MBUK January 2018 is out now

With Christmas 2017 in the archives, visiting family members headed home and hopefully some shiny new bike bits, courtesy of Santa, it’s time to work off those mince pies with some two-wheeled fun in the hills. For this month’s mag we’ve travelled far and wide, from the Arctic reaches of Norway, to the mountains of the French / Swiss Alps and the dusty forests of California to bring you an exciting mix of mountain biking tales. In Norway, we journey by boat to explore a wilderness of almost untapped trail riding potential in the Arctic fjords. In the Alps, we speak to three influential trail builders who are shaping both bike parks and the way we ride. And in California, we follow downhill and enduro racing legend Tracy Moseley as she tackles the iconic two-day Downieville Classic race. Closer to home we’ve been across the border into Scotland to check ...

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The February Edition Of Cycling Plus Is Out Now!

We've got early 2018 covered, indoors and out

Let's be having you, 2018

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Opinion: Do We Really Need 29-Inch Dh Bikes?

Greg Minnaar on his way to victory aboard his 29 inch Santa Cruz V-10

29er downhill bikes are beginning to top podiums in World Cup DH races. BikeRoar ponders if 29in DH bikes are necessary and considers benefits and disadvantages of going big wheeled.

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Eat, Drink And Be Merry: 5 Tips To Success At A 24 Hour Race

When 24 hour racing - eat, drink, and be merry

It is a tough discipline, but there are ways through the haze and fog of pain and exhaustion when you set out to tackle a 24 hour race. Here's how.

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November’S Mbuk Is Out Now!

MBUK issue 349 is out now!

In need of a little winter motivation? This month's MBUK is packed with bike testing product reviews and features to inspire you to get out there

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November's Mbuk Is Out Now!

November's MBUK is out now!

The year may only just be drawing to a close but we’ve been thinking about 2018’s bikes for quite a while now. During the various launches and trade shows that happen throughout the year, our test team have gradually been putting together a picture of where we think we’re heading in 2018 and what’s happening to the bikes we ride. So we’ve carefully selected six very different bikes that we think best represent these new trends and the different styles of riding that you as mountain bikers are into. Discover our choices and find out how each bike fared on page 96. They’re not the only bikes we’ve swung a leg over this month though and we’ve got First Ride reviews on Cotic’s revised BFe hardtail, Bird Cycleworks’ Aeris 145 and more. In the grouptest we’ve subjected 14 trail and heavy-hitting knee pads to some crash testing and there are ...

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Burgtec Penthouse Mk4 Pedal Review

Burgtec Penthouse MK4 pedal review

Burgtec aims its components squarely at DH riders, but much of it works well for aggro trail use too — like these Penthouse pedals. Best mountain bike pedals — 8 we rate How to get pinned on flat pedals Burly aluminum bodies sit on steel axles and weigh in at 452g per pair. Lighter, titanium axled versions are also available for an extra 50 quid and are 70g more svelte than the pedals tested here. The Penthouses have mid-sized platforms at 97x100mm so there was virtually no exposed pedal beneath my size 9 shoes. At 16mm deep, the pedals are reasonable thin, though the leading edges are stepped rather than chamfered and strikes have dinged them up a fair bit during testing. The 452g Penthouse MK4 pedals feel reassuringly stiff and provide a super solid platform underfoot. A short axle means they sit very close to the cranks and while ...

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Shimano Xt M8000 Groupset Review

Shimano XT M8000 groupset review

Deore XT may be Shimano’s second-tier mountain bike group, but it’s the one most mountain biker’s look to when they want to balance price with performance. The XT line covers a wide range of users, from cross-country riders to enduro racers and everyone in between. As a result, the M8000 group is the Japanese brand’s most versatile component group to date. Shimano XT Di2 M8050 1x11 review Buyer's guide to mountain bike groupsets For many riders, the most anticipated addition to M8000 group was the adoption of wide-range cassettes and front chainrings in whatever flavor you prefer. Whether you’re relying on cables or wires, Shimano still reigns supreme when it comes to shift performance This 11-speed transmission is offered with 11-40t and 11-42t cassettes to be used with double and triple cranksets. (Yes, retro-grouches can still have their triples.) The latest XT group was Shimano’s first step into the realm ...

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Women's Bike Sizes: A Simple Guide

Women's bike sizes: a simple guide

What size bike should I buy? It's a common question that women have when considering a new bike. That's why we've created a simple women's frame sizing guide on BikeRadar , which is divided into tables for road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. Best women's bikes: a buyer's guide to help you find what you need Presenting the BikeRadar Women's Bike of the Year Awards Women's cycling news, reviews, interviews and more on BikeRadar Women Choosing the correct frame size can be confusing, especially since recommended frame sizes vary between manufacturers, models and disciplines. What size bike do I need? As a general starting point, bike sizes are determined by the height of the rider. Use this to decide what size to try using our charts below. If you sit between sizes, it’s worth trying both out and seeing which one fits you better. Most bike manufacturers will also ...

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The September Issue Of Cycling Plus Is Out Now

Fresh, fast and fun (that's the bikes, not the cover model)

Scoring on debut? The new bikes making a splash this summer

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Interested In Finding Out More About Mountain Biking Uk Magazine?

Mountain Biking UK issue 346 — out now!

Head to MBUK.com for a taster and to subscribe

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