Blackburn Raceday Fluid Vs. Feedback Sports Omnium

Blackburn's Raceday Fluid and Feedback Sports' Omnium are very similar portable trainers

Portable roller-based trainers tested head-to-head

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Sram Guide Rsc Brake Review

SRAM Guide RSC brake review

Any of SRAM’s Guide brakes are hard to beat for excellent on-trail performance and an easy servicing life, but the Guide RSCs are just plain awesome if you can afford them. Disc Brake Systems reviews Best mountain bikes under £1,000 The major performance gain over the Guide RS brakes are the super-smooth cartridge lever pivots. This gives them an ultra-sensitive feel for boosting already excellent modulation to a level of stiction-free HD clarity that’s definitely noticeable if you’re swapping back and forth between the two different brakes. The RSC levers also get subtle but usefully effective bite point adjustment via a simple toothed adjustment wheel buried in the body. There’s not a massive difference between the two extremes, but Guide brakes rarely differ much in feel between levers, so it’s ample for balancing feel between left and right or tuning in your exact preferred bite point. They're simply among the ...

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Sram Guide Re Brake Review

SRAM Guide RE brake review

SRAM’s ‘new’ Guide RE is officially designed for stopping the extra mass of electric bikes that regularly burn out conventional brakes. The good news is that also makes it an outstanding brake for anyone who needs a ton of power and control without spending a fortune. SRAM Code brake first ride review How to brake like a pro Mountain bike groupsets: everything you need to know We say ‘new’ because while it’s only just appeared on the SRAM roster, the Guide RE is a hybrid of two well established brakes. At the bar end is a standard Guide R lever, while the bike end is a four-cylinder brake caliper from SRAM ’s long-running Code downhill brake. The same pairing has also previously appeared on Specialized DH bikes and SRAM has been offering a similar XC meets DH hybrid in the shape of the Code R brake for years. The Guide ...

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The Best Upgrades For Your Mountain Bike

The best upgrades for your mountain bike

The best advice we’ve ever heard given about dream machines is disarmingly simple: the best bike in the world is the bike you already have. That’s because regardless of how it compares to the latest carbon wonder bike that is being worshipped on the web, it’s the bike you can actually go out and ride whenever you want. Best cheap mountain bike upgrades Mountain bike groupsets: everything you need to know However, that’s never going to stop most of us wondering how we can improve our ride and hopefully amp up our ability and enjoyment in the process. That’s why our encyclopedically minded test team have pooled all their experience to help you create the ultimate upgrade plan for your current mountain bike, whatever you’ve got to spend and however you want it to ride. The most important thing to realise is that a clear plan will give much better ...

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A Guide To Mountain Bike Axle Standards

A guide to mountain bike axle standards

Are you baffled by the different axle options available for mountain bikes? Our guide below explains the different types. Complete guide to bottom brackets Best dropper posts: buyer's guide and recommendations 1. Quick-release skewers Traditionally, frames and forks had slotted dropouts. The hub axle, which was 9mm in diameter and 100mm (front) or 135mm (rear) wide, rested in these. A thin (5mm diameter) QR skewer was then slid through the hollow axle to clamp everything in place. Not as stiff or secure as so-called ‘thru-axle’ systems, QRs are now mostly found on cheaper bikes. 2. Rear thru-axles Thru-axles are also inserted through a hollow hub axle, but they’re bigger (rear ones are 12mm in diameter) and screw into closed dropouts. 3. Front thru-axles 4. Boost thru-axles You can read more at

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Best Women's Bike Saddle: A Buyer's Guide

Best women's bike saddle: a buyer's guide

A good saddle that fits you and is comfortable is a hugely important element to the bike comfort equation. The wrong saddle is a special type of torture that can cause pain and discomfort. The right saddle, however, is the one you barely notice when you're riding because it's doing its job properly. For many women, a women's specific saddle is the answer and there are women's saddles available for road cycling, mountain biking, leisure riding and everything in between. Best women's bikes: a buyer's guide to help you find what you need Six of the best women’s mountain bike saddles Women's saddles are generally a different shape to men's to take into account the physiological differences between men and women; hip width and different genitalia are of course two of the major considerations. Saddles designed for women take into account these anatomical elements and products are developed around how ...

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Best Enduro Bike: 9 We Recommend

Best enduro bike: 9 we recommend

If you’re looking for a bike that can take on the toughest descents but still let you get up the climbs under your own steam, then an enduro bike might be just what you need. Read on for all the things you need to know about them, plus our pick of the best enduro bikes on the market. Beginner's guide to enduro racing Best mountain bike: how to choose the right one for you Enduro bikes are one of the hottest products in mountain biking at the moment. The name 'enduro' refers to a rally-style race format where downhill stages are timed, but the linking stages that join the descents up aren’t. The descents themselves can vary from fairly pedally to extremely steep and technical. Originally, most of the competitors just used normal trail bikes, but as the popularity of the sport has grown, more specialist bikes have been developed. ...

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What Is Vo2 Max And Can You Improve It?

BikeRadar - Andrew Feather - V02 Max Test - Bath University

Everything you need to know about VO2 max – including how to improve yours

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Build Strength And Balance With Single-Leg Box Squats

Get your leg strength equalised with single-leg box squats

Even out your body and put more power down on the climbs

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Bikeradar’S Guide To Silly Commuting Racing

Race to work

Isn’t it about time you took a scalp?

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Five Ways To Simplify Your Cycling Training

The Training Day by Day series is brought to you by former pros Chris Baldwin and Ben Day

Training day by day: stage 12

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Setting Up Your Road And Mountain Bikes Together

You wouldn't ride your road bike in a mountain bike event, but you should get them both set up corre

Transition from one to another smoothly for maximum results

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21 Top Tips For First-Time Sportive Riders

Pacing yourself, getting your nutrition right and savvy clothing choices are all elements of a succe

New to sportives? Check out our essential long-ride tips

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Pre-Season Testing And Bike-Fitting – Avanti Racing Team

Past and present riders of the Avanti Racing Team undergo the torturous Step Test

Continental team visits testing facility - gallery

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Six Essential Tips For Booking Your First Cycling Holiday

Thinking of doing some cycling abroad? Read our tips before you book anything

Thinking of getting out on the bike next summer? Read our advice

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Hill Climbing Training

Greg LeMond (in yellow) climbing in a mountain stage in the 1989 Tour de France

An excerpt from The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance and Endurance by Greg LeMond and Mark Hom, MD

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Inside Japanese Keirin

Inside Japanese keirin

BikeRadar takes a look at the school, the races and the future of this unique ‘sport’

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Fat Mountain Biker Hits The Wall

Clive Chapman

The last week has seen me struggling. I’ve been tired and feeling not right.

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Three Former England Captains On One Bike Ride

One of the Dallaglio Cycle Slam bunches en route to Cardiff

We join the Dallaglio Cycle Slam for a day

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Freddy Flintoff Gets On His Bike!

Josh Lewsey and Andrew 'Freddy' Flintoff. It is energy drink in the bottle...

Well, we knew he was pretty good with pedal(o)s

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