Zip-On Tyres: Brilliant Or Bonkers?

Joseph Delves 7 Jun 2018 Interchangeable tyre skins allow you to swap treads in seconds Norwegian brand Retyre has created a modular tyre system allowing riders to zip on additional treads. Inspired by the country's harsh winters, and the necessity to fit spiked tyres to deal with ice and snow, the range has now expanded to cover a slew of different terrains. The system starts with a standard pneumatic base tyre. This features a slick tread, and crucially, a zipper track that sits just above the rim. Working just like a regular tyre, and requiring no additional skills or tools to fit, the additional skins simply wrap around and zip into place. With a locking mechanism integrated into the zip itself, they’re secure enough for even off-road riding. With options for winter and off-road or intermediate conditions, the base tyre is 700x42c with additional skins boosting this to around 47c. ...

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