Yt Jeffsy 29 Cf Wins Trail Bike Of The Year 2018

YT Jeffsy 29 CF wins Trail Bike of the Year 2018

The YT Jeffsy 29 CF has been crowned our 2018 Trail Bike of the Year. YT Jeffsy 29 CF review Bike of the Year 2018 BikeRadar has teamed up with Mountain Biking UK magazine to put together one of the biggest comparative bike tests around, covering both trail bikes and enduro bikes. With over 30 contenders, and with two eventual winners in their respective categories, the BikeRadar and Mountain Biking UK teams have had a hard winter of testing. In the trail bike category, 16 bikes priced between £2,600–£3,350 / $3,000–$4,500, and with rear wheel suspension travel limited at 145mm, battled for the top spot, with each bike being subjected to hours of testing on wildly varying terrain. While flat-out downhill speed was critical in the enduro bike test, what we looked for in the trail bike category was a bike that's capable on the climbs, confident on the descents ...

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