Where Paris-Roubaix 2018 will be decided, part 1: The Arenberg Forest

Ellis Bacon 22 Mar 2018 Our look at four key locations on the Paris-Roubaix route begins with the feared Arenberg Words Ellis Bacon Photography Kevin Faingnaert 'If this uncouth forest yaield anything savage, I will either be food for it or bring it for food to thee.’ – Orlando to Adam in As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 6 Just the name of the Forest of Arenberg has that Shakespearian ring to it, and, just like As You Like It ’s Forest of Arden, it has the capacity to give with one hand and take away with the other. ‘You can’t win Roubaix there, but you can lose it,’ Mitchelton-Scott’s Mat Hayman tells Cyclist . We’d dismiss his assessment as just another sporting cliché were it not so true: the Arenberg section of cobbles has the capacity to ruin not just races, but careers. ‘It’s a nervous time for ...

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