Watch: How Lasers Make Silca's New Titanium Bottle Cage

Stu Bowers 20 Apr 2018 An unconventional method is used to make one of the simplest of products It might seem like an unusual product skew for a brand that made it’s name making some of the best and most durable floor pumps in the world, but Silca has a reason for developing a titanium bottle cage that starts with some very cool new manufacturing techniques. ‘The titanium bottle cage is a really exciting new product for us’, says Silca’s President Josh Poertner. Image 3 of 4 Image 3 of 4 ‘As the industry steers towards more adventurous riding and gravel and so on, a titanium bottle cage makes so much sense because of the strength and durability of the material. There are very few of them around, and even they are hard to get. We just looked at it and thought, well, we can do that better.’ See related ...

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