Wada Will Not Appeal Uci Verdict On Chris Froome Salbutamol Case

Chris Froome celebrates on the stage 20 podium at tge Giro

The World Anti-Doping Agency announced on Monday that it will not appeal the UCI's decision to clear Chris Froome of any anti-doping rule violations from the 2017 Vuelta a Espana. The agency's press release confirmed that Froome did not undergo the controlled pharmacokinetic study (CPKS) allowed under WADA rules to prove that the level of salbutamol in his Vuelta urine sample that exceeded the allowed threshold was a normal consequence of his physiology. "In Mr. Froome's case, WADA accepts that a CPKS would not have been practicable as it would not have been possible to adequately recreate the unique circumstances that preceded the 7 September doping control," the press release stated. WADA arrived at the decision "based on a number of factors that are specific to the case of Mr. Froome – including, in particular, a significant increase in dose, over a short period prior to the doping control, in ...

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