Vuelta Stage 11: Who Wants It Most?

Mombuey – Liuntra (Ribeira Sacra) (207km) On the stage One of my pet peeves in sport is the old saw about “he/she just wanted it more.” This is normally said after a narrow victory at the end of a race. Here’s an example . Michael Phelps “wanted it more”. In this race, there are eight guys who had the physical attributes, the skills, the fitness and the dedication to make the Olympic final. Eight guys who have been up and in the water before dawn since they were teenagers, who have put their lives on hold to perform on that day. He wanted it more? Bollocks. They all wanted it – he was just the most talented of those eight determined and competitive men. You don’t get to shine in sport without that determination, and as such that cliché is nearly always commentators talking nonsense. All that said, Wednesday’s stage ...

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