Vuelta Route: Is this Still the Vuelta?

You learn, when writing about cycling for a reasonable amount of time, that certain ideas which seemed great when you had them were not, in fact, the flashes of genius that they appeared. For example, doing a stage-by-stage preview of the Vuelta in December probably, in hindsight, was not the most riveting read on any of the numerous occasions on which I wrote it. However, in segue news, it probably was not as torturous as Vueltas in recent years. They’ve been pretty formulaic in their difficulty, with a few ingredients to going Full Vuelta: Eight million uphill sprints Even more proper mountain-top finishes, at least one of which has a finishing ramp which is practically vertical The occasional extra-boring flat stage An ITT with a sneaky cat. 2 climb Inexplicable TTT It’s become a cliché that the Vuelta has the hardest route, with TOUGH climbs, EVERY DAY and THE WORST ...

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