Vuelta a Espana 2019: Race likely to start with team time-trial

Jack Elton-Walters 6 Nov 2018 Vuelta a Espana director tells Cyclist that he's in favour of TTT on Stage 1 Vuelta a Espana race director Javier Guillen was careful not to reveal too much about the 2019 race before the official route annoucement on Wednesday 19th December in Alicante, but in conversation with Cyclist he did reveal his preferred option for the opening stage. 'Well, so far there is going to be a time-trial ,' he said. 'We need to finalise, to decide if it’s a team time-trial or an individual time-trial, but so far I'm more in favour of a team time-trial.' He added that the race organisation now sees team time-trials as a 'tradition in La Vuelta, just in the last 10 years', and that 'next year we’d like to recover our essence, so I think a team time-trial will be the type of stage we will choose'. ...

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