Vittoria Qurano 46 Disc Graphene-Infused Racing Disc Wheels Review

Vittoria Qurano 46 Disc Graphene-infused racing disc wheels review

Vittoria’s star has been rising over recent years. This has been mostly down to its technical advancements in tyres, fusing graphene into the compound to improve the natural elasticity of the rubber for increased grip. Improvements to wear and rolling resistance have also made them a seriously popular tyre. These Qurano 46 wheels are the latest addition to the graphene-infused range. Zipp 303 Firecrest clinchers review Roval CLX 50 wheel review The carbon rims are strengthened and stiffened by the introduction of graphene (see below), which also helps to reduce weight. The rims are quite flat sided, measure at 24.2mm externally and are, as the name suggests, 46mm deep. The internal dimension of 16.25mm means these are very much aimed at racers as this width is most suited to a 25mm tyre. I ran them with Vittoria’s excellent 25mm Corsa Control G+. What is immediately noticeable is the sheer stiffness ...

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