Uci Hopes To Secure Information On Cyclists Involved In Blood Doping Investigation

Stefan Denifl (Aqua Blue Sport) on the stage 17 podium

The UCI has issued a statement concerning the police investigation into a blood doping network in Germany and Austria, saying it has asked the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CADF) to "request the co-operation of the Austrian authorities and WADA to ensure all information directly or indirectly concerning cycling is handed over without delay". The UCI will also ask the CADF to offer any assistance that could help the investigation. The UCI said it was not implicated in the investigation and suggested it "was not aimed at cycling", adding that it does not have any first-hand information concerning confessions made by cyclists. Five Nordic skiers were arrested last week during what Austrian police called 'Operation Aderlass' – Operation Bloodletting – with one caught while undergoing an autologous blood transfusion in his room the day before competing in an Nordic skiing race at the World Championships in Seefeld, Austria. Over the weekend it ...

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