Uci Begins Investigation Into Abuse Complaints Against Van Gansen

Health Mate Ladies Team (UCI Women's Team)

The UCI announced on Friday that its Ethics Commission had begun a formal investigation into the complaints of abuse filed against Health Mate Ladies Team general manager Patrick Van Gansen. The governing body acknowledged that it had gained additional information regarding the case that indicates breaches of the Code of Ethics. "The UCI has received confirmation from its Ethics Commission that proceedings have formally been initiated in the case of Mr Patrick Van Gansen, General Manager of the Healthmate-Cyclive Team. By this decision, the Ethics Commission confirms that based on a prima facie examination of information at its disposal – most of which has been received in the past few weeks – there is an indication that breaches of the UCI Code of Ethics may have been committed," the statement read. "The Ethics Commission will now conduct its investigation through written and oral questioning, as determined by the Chairman of ...

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