Track Real-Time Air Pressure On Your Garmin Or Smartphone

Track real-time air pressure on your Garmin or smartphone

The new Quarq TyreWiz threads into tubed or tubeless valves and measures air pressure in real time, transmitting that information in ANT+ and Bluetooth for real-time readouts on newer Garmin Edge computers or smartphones. How much air pressure pros use at the Tour de France Mountain bike tire pressure — all you need to know How to find the perfect tire pressure for racing cyclocross Why would you want to monitor air pressure like this? Quarq believes there are a few cases, such as road, mountain, cyclocross or gravel riders, who really want to fine-tune their air pressure in any situation regardless of what inflation tool they use. Also, riders running tubeless can scan to see how much air pressure was lost after a tire has punctured and then sealed without hopping off the bike. The pressure reading shows up on newer Garmin Edge computers via the Connect IQ app, ...

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