Tour De France Yellow Jersey Preview: Why They’Re Not Going To Win

Plus, I make my predictions. So yesterday, you saw my positive take on the ten guys I think have the best chance of winning the Tour. Obviously, ten different guys can’t all win, this isn’t fifty years of a claw machine. For every positive, there is of course a negative. Or multiple negatives, which historically I’ve found a preference to focus on. Chris Froome You know, I try not to get nostalgic, I really do, but back in my day we laughed at people who did the Giro-Tour double, and didn’t rank them as favourites. That’s what happened to Nairo last year, anyway, when even an unconvincing Giro say him without the legs to even manage a top ten in the Tour. Now, that’s all apparently changed, even when winning this race would mean winning four consecutive Grand Tours, something only done by Merckx. Now even though he has a ...

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