Tour De France Yellow Jersey Preview: Why They Are Going To Win

Despite how it may come across in my various articles here at the Café, I am not in fact a negative or a cynical individual. In fact, occasionally, I can find it within my heart of stone to summon up a little optimism, and that is what I am doing just now. I will take a few of the favourites for the Tour de France, and focus entirely on their positive characteristics — why it is possible (probable!) that they will stand on the podium in Paris, clad in yellow and a grin from ear to ear. I’m doing this because, well, these are phenomenal athletes, who if they have a good race, all are capable of winning the damn thing. And there won’t be one rider who doesn’t deserve it. So. On to the riders. Chris Froome Completely ignoring all the events of the previous week, the obvious first ...

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