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The Trek 1120 is aimed at off-road cycle tourists

Born from a love affair of mountain biking and a thirst for adventure, bikepacking could be considered the new and trendier update to cycle touring. Although your bikepacker friend might try to convince you that morning campfire coffee is far superior, the woodsmoke loving riders amongst us have proved that bikepacking isn’t just a novelty, and bike manufacturers have started to provide some really innovative new bikes. Shand Bahookie Rohloff review Trek’s 1120 adventure bike might survive the Apocalypse Best bikepacking bikes Trek 1120 Trek’s 1120 could be the answer to a no nonsense bikepacking rig aimed towards the off-road cycle tourist, but beware, this bike has been known to arouse the ultra-endurance athlete in all of us... Tour Divide anyone? Trek has designed the 1120 for “better bikepacking” and the proprietary rack system is a welcome innovation. Having the confidence to push hard on big descents and know that ...

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