Tirreno-Adriatico preview

The year’s most loaded startlist! On Lopez, and Climbing I believe that Miguel Angel Lopez is the best climber in the world. Let’s go back a bit. The editor’s draft comes with a chat room. Between picks, the conversation drifts, and is amusing, vulgar, informative, and juvenile by turn. When picks are being made, the heckling starts. Sometimes compliments are given, mostly it is a gentle recognition that we are all clichés of ourselves, picking the same old guys, and that we really could drat each other’s teams at this point. Because of my brilliance* I was picking 21 st and 24 th . There wasn’t much to consider at 21. MAL was still there, and I knew he certainly wouldn’t be by the time we came around to my third pick, at 65 th . I took him. I then heard the most chilling heckle of all, albeit one ...

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