Tire Lever With Integrated Tubeless Valve Tool

Tire lever with integrated tubeless valve tool

The tire lever and the tubeless valve core removal tool are both humble pieces of equipment. While some levers are stronger or better than others, the little core remover is pretty hard to mess up - but pretty easy to lose. What if you combine the two tools? That is exactly what Jonny Hintz has done with the Snēk Cycling Lifeboat Tire Lever. Tire levers - 6 of the best Tire sealant - 6 of the best Hintz is the art director at ENVE Composites and the founder of Snēk Cycling, which already has a line of merino cycling accessories . He came up with the Lifeboat Tire Lever after getting frustrated with losing valve core tools, and trying to remove the valve with other things, like a tire lever. The Lifeboat Tire Lever has a plastic exterior so it won't damage your rims, but a metal core so the ...

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