Thursday Thoughts: Who goes where?

Repeat after me: don’t race Giro and Tour

Piecing together the Giro and Tour contenders By the end of this offseason we’ll have taken a good look at every World Tour team and, thanks to Shawn, at least a glance at every Pro-Conti team . We’ll have looked at riders on the rise and riders on the wane. We’ll have thought about as many aspects of the offseason as we can think of. Yesterday I found myself wondering what we were missing. What will shape the season? What, as riders emerge from hibernation, can we glean from the news? Something that plays a huge part in the narrative of every season is setting goals and programmes for individual riders. It isn’t always a straightforward thing to talk about because we are working with imperfect information, but it matters. With team presentations taking part, we’re starting to learn about what the biggest names have planned for their season. Most ...

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