Thursday Thoughts: What’S That Under The Tree?

A new cycling team? You shouldn’t have! Well, folks, the festive season is upon us, and there’s a Christmas special Thursday Thoughts as part of your celebrations. As a keen student of such matters, I know what I need to do. This will be (a) something I planned to write anyway, but shoe-horned into a Christmassy theme; (b) a two-parter with a cliff-hanger in the middle; (c) designed to cause an argument, because that’s the true spirit of Christmas. Anyway, the theme. In recognition of my excellence as a human being, the powers that be have granted me a license to set up a UCI World Tour team. Which is lovely. Next week, we’ll unwrap the presents (do you see?) and work out who will be in the team. Today, the context for Team PdC, and a few ideas of what it’ll look like. Getty Images I do like a ...

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