Thursday Thoughts: Unwrapping Team PdC

Time to view the Roster for our team If you didn’t see last week’s column, have a look now to bring yourself up to speed on the rationale. The team is below, and the deluxe turkey cranberry stuffing sandwich goes to Fausto for services to crowd sourcing. A reheated pig in blanket to Shawn for his contribution. Those of you more worried about your own VDS teams than taking part get nothing but thrice-boiled sprouts. Without further ado, your team: Directeur Sportif Bob de Cnodder . Bob has been out of a job since Aqua Blue folded and gives us an experienced leader. He’s been working with Martyn Irvine , and the hope is that he’ll bring in Irvine and pick up a couple more newly retired riders to mentor into leadership roles. The Stars 1. Stefan Kung – a leader for the cobbles, for TT heavy GC races, and ...

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