Thursday Thoughts – Three GT Breakout Candidates

Three riders to make strides in next year’s Grand Tours Another Thursday, and another column format to which I’ll be returning as we meander through the offseason. A simple idea, this – find a type of rider, and pick three guys of that type who’ll improve in 2019. Simple to explain, that is… delivering three good examples, that’s the rub. Today’s trio are all young riders who can expect to focus on general classification, particularly the grand tours, and most especially the long mountain climbs. Success will look different for each of them, but they have the tools and the opportunity to step forward on their 2018 performances. Egan Arley Bernal What has he done so far? He’s progressed like a future grand tour winner, is what he’s done. Joined Sky on the back of a flawless 2017 highlighted by a win in the Avenir, and on arrival in the ...

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