This Is Definitely A Bike Race

Andrew and I wanted to write the same article. So instead we’ve teamed up to bring you another email thread. Conor: I’m going to start this off with a statement which sounds controversial but shouldn’t really be: Chris Froome is by no means in prime position to win this Tour de France. Why is this? Well there are two schools of thought as far as this race goes, and everybody fits in to one of them: No. 1: You think Geraint Thomas will not crack No. 2: You think Geraint Thomas will crack. If you are a subscriber to school of thought number one, with all the daffodils and dragons that it entails, of course you don’t think that Froome is in prime position to win — Thomas has so far been Froome’s equal or better in the mountains. If you, on the other hand, do think Thomas will have ...

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