The weirdest bike on eBay right Now — $15,000 of retro aero tech

The Wear and Tear Black Hole was a hubless wheel/fork system

I absolutely love trawling through eBay to find nuggets of cycling esoterica, but this particular bike … well, it might just be the weirdest yet. There’s a lot to talk about here, but let’s tackle the aerodynamic elephant in the room and start with that front wheel. This pedal-powered Vauxhall Corsa is for sale on eBay for the fourth time eBay watch list: a very low, very ridiculous track bike The Wear and Tear — yes, that’s really what it was called — Black Hole was a unique hubless wheel/fork system designed for time-trial, track and triathlon racing that was brought to market in the mid-nineties. As revealed in an interview with our frenemies at BikeRumor , the wheel was the first product developed by Paul Lew — a key figure and an influential aerodynamicist at Reynolds Wheels. As far as I understand, the rim has a track embedded into ...

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