The 'Scheels Factor'

The bike tech area at Scheels' Colorado store.

Scheels megastores make huge impact on local retail when they come to town. Editor's note: A version of this article appeared in the December issue of Bicycle Retailer & Industry News. LOVELAND, Colo. (BRAIN) — When Scheels All Sports opens one of its gargantuan sporting goods stores in a new community, the local press gushes over the tons of steel and truckloads of concrete needed to build the quarter-million-square-foot stores. They write of the stores' Ferris wheels, mountainous taxidermy displays, oceanic fish tanks and towering bronze sculptures. Officials and business owners in nearby communities, meanwhile, tally up the "Scheels Factor." That's the term used by Theresa Wilson, the city budget manager in Loveland, Colorado, when Scheels opened its first Colorado location — in the neighboring town of Johnstown earlier this year. Wilson calculated that Scheels would draw away enough business from Loveland retailers to cost the city about $275,000 in ...

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