The Problems You Encounter On Long-Distance Cycling Events And The Best Ways To Solve Them

The problems you encounter on long-distance cycling events and the best ways to solve them

Emily Chappell 12 Apr 2019 Riders can enter events not realising some of the problems they will face so we've got some solutions to get everyone to the finish line We’re not sure why multi-day sportives have become so popular. Perhaps cycling fans are keen to emulate professional Grand Tours as closely as possible, perhaps the 300km parcours of the Dragon Devil and the Mallorca 312 are no longer enough – or it could simply be that we’ve decided we like riding sportives, so why not stick a few of them back-to-back, and call it a holiday? Riding long distances over several days will ask a lot of you, not just physically, but also logistically and emotionally, and physical training will only get you so far. I frequently speak to riders on multi-day events who tell me they had no idea of some of the challenges that lay in store, ...

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