The Pro-Conti Full Monty

Back in the SSR

A brief preview of the 2019 season for all 25 pro-continental outfits Managing a pro continental team must be tough. No sooner you develop a young, promising rider does he get scooped up by a World Tour team, while the guest list to the super-exclusive World Tour events gets shorter and shorter each year (and likely more expensive as well). Meanwhile, your entire operating budget is less than the salary of many WT riders, leaving you with a selection of geriatric sprinters and burnt out riders to form your team around. Worst of all, PdC all but ignores shining the spotlight on you in their off-season capsules. If the UCI reforms for 2020 go through, times will get even tougher for the pro-conti’s. For the grand tours, the 4 open spaces for invites from the organizers will be reduced to the 2 best Pro Teams (the other inexplicable change is ...

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