The Podium Cafe Kit Store Is Open!

Start ordering ASAP! OK, by semi-popular demand and general awesomeness, the Podium Cafe Kit Store is officially open for business! CLICK HERE A few points to note as you browse... Prices are set for a minimum of 25 items. I think you can expect that to be the final price, but if we get to 50 items, they will automatically drop all prices down a level and you will see an adjustment or refund to reflect what you bought. So shop til you drop! Confused about the jersey choices ? “Pro” is the finest material, although the “Peloton” version is a high-end alternative as well, and even the “Classic,” which I have one of, is quite suitable. The Classic doesn’t have newer innovations like the silicon bands on the sleeves, so there is a meaningful difference. Oh, and I chose the Pro as an option because it has a cool ...

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