The Giro In Israel

Italian protesters against the Giro’s start in Israel

Jerusalem to Rome. Just when you think the Giro d’Italia has taken the idea of crafting a (somewhat artificial) story to its greatest possible length, they find another distance to span. What’s left after retracing the path between the two most storied places in the Mediterranean region? We already begged them to trace the immigrants’ trail to America, with an Ellis Island prologue and a few other New York to Philly niceties, and they’ve said no for now. Perhaps they’ll make it to China on some anniversary of the exploits of Marco Polo. Given the growing Chinese influence on cycling (and on capital generally) this sounds like a given. For now, though, the route is that of ancient Empire. It’s awash in blood, from the conquest of the Jews by Titus, depicted to this day in the celebratory arch, to the Crusades by which armies of all manner felt commanded ...

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