The Essential Guide To Shaving Your Legs

The essential guide to shaving your legs

Are you contemplating going ‘full cyclist’ by shaving your legs? Avid cyclist and former beauty editor Adele Mitchell explains how to get the job done like a pro. So here are her tips on how to achieve a nice close shave with smooth legs and not a razor nick in sight. Shave your legs, save precious seconds 7 easy ways to get faster with aerodynamics How to bag yourself a Strava KOM/QOM In addition to the essential technique and steps you need to follow, you’ll find a list of cycle-specific shaving products and a few alternative options if shaving isn’t quite your thing. Why do cyclists shave their legs? There’s been plenty written about the benefits of leg shaving for the keen cyclist; more comfort during massages (because you’re always having massages…right?), a more aerodynamic leg profile (debatable), and it may (or may not) enable faster healing for road rash. ...

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