The Canyon Grail: Reinventing The Handlebar

Joe Robinson 15 Mar 2018 Canyon's latest gravel bike, the Grail, has attempted to rethink how we see the humble handlebar Following the trend of more people going off-road, German direct-to-market brand Canyon has launched its latest range of gravel bikes, the Canyon Grail. Designed as an all-road bike, the Canyon Grail looks to help riders combine dirt and tarmac in one ride while also debuting Canyon's innovative new approach to the handlebar, the Hover Bar. This bike comes with the clear purpose of attracting itself to the ever-growing market or riders looking for adventure on and off-road, spending long days in the saddle simply enjoying the bike. It does this while also trying to change our thoughts about the humble handlebars. Talking point Image 3 of 23 Image 3 of 23 Canyon, in a way, has attempted to reinvent the handlebar to help meet 'rider demands of a bar ...

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