The Best Places To Watch The Tour De France In London

Cyclist magazine 28 Jun 2018 The best places to watch the Tour de France in London as recommended by Human Race Events. Let us know if they've missed any With cycling’s most famous Grand Tour just over a week away, the organisers of the Chiltern 100 Cycling Festival, which takes place on Sunday 15th July, have cherry-picked the very best places in London to watch the Tour de France live. Relax and enjoy the world’s most beautiful sport in the comfort of one of these venues. With the majority of the action happening during the working day, perhaps this list could provide a few ideas for alternative 'meeting venues'. Where to watch the Tour de France live in London Canopy Beer Co Enjoy fresh craft beer and watch the Tour live in the tap room. They’ll be showing the stages live each afternoon plus the evening highlights, and for the ...

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