The 5 Most Annoying Road Bike Features

Internal cable routing is slick and aero, but it can be a complete nightmare to deal with

Modern bicycles are marvellous machines, but there are certain features beloved of bike engineers that we could live without. Here are our top five... Top 5 2018 road bike trends I won’t miss Shimano’s ugliest levers Top 5 2018 road superbikes 1. Bad internal cabling Internal cables look clean and tidy, and they make perfect sense when you’re trying to reduce aerodynamic drag as much as possible. Unfortunately, internal cabling often feels like a bit of an afterthought, with no proper routing built into frames. Outers are slung willy nilly into frame tubes where they rattle over every bump, or they’re directed round impossibly tight ends, which add friction, making for spongy brakes or erratic shifting. If you’re going to route cables through a frame, they need be properly housed and secured, and accessible in such a way that hapless mechanics don’t need keyhole surgery skills for basic maintenance tasks. ...

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