The 2019 Transfer Bonanza

August 1, the magic date when transfers can be announced, has come and gone. So it’s time to start the discussions on rumoured and confirmed transfers for next season. I dunno if it’s the european heatwave that is making teams lazy but the first day was surprisingly slim with announcements. We had a few Scandinavian neo-pros with Danish Jonas Vingegaard going to (LottoNL) Jumbo on a two-year deal and Mikkel Honoré getting a stagiare spot this fall with Quick Step. There was also the truly weird botched announcement of Aqua Blue buying the Verandas Willems team (with Wout van Aert) only to have the whole thing retracted hours later. Seems like they hadn’t dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on the deal before someone jumped the gun. Let’s see what happens In women’s cycling there has been the (slightly surreally staged) announcement by Rochelle Gilmore that her Wiggle-High5 team ...

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