Tern Gsd Review

Tern GSD review

Tern's GSD is in a class of its own — it's a folding electric bike with huge cargo- and kid-carrying capacity that stands on its rear end. And it's amazing. Should urban bikes have dropper posts? Can e-bikes save the bike industry? The über-e-bike for the smartphone generation: the Stromer ST1 X Tern GSD highlights Urban, utility, folding electric bike 400wh Bosch battery, upgradeable to two batteries Range: 50-110 km (31-68 miles) 20in wheels 181kg / 400lbs carrying capacity Compatible with a range of cargo accessories Impressive details The more time I spent with GSD, the more details I noticed and appreciated. Little details were tucked everywhere: the custom chainguard, the extra-long top flaps on the panniers, the front wheel stabilising spring that stops the wheel from flopping, the kickstand that tucks back and up for more ground clearance and the additional rack lash points so the cargo accessories attach ...

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