Ten Dam Questions Effectiveness Of Biological Passport After Denifl, Preidler Confessions

Laurens ten Dam (CCC Team)

Laurens ten Dam has called into question the effectiveness of the Athlete Biological Passport after Austrian riders Stefan Denifl and Georg Preidler admitted to blood doping earlier this week. Ten Dam expressed his surprise that the two riders had been able to avoid detection by the biological passport and asked, “is it as leaky as a basket?” Denifl and Preidler were questioned by the police following a lengthy investigation into German sports doctor Mark Schmidt. Some 40 blood bags were discovered in a garage while five athletes were arrested at the Nordic Ski World Championships, one while infusing blood into his arm before a race. The police investigation is called Operation Aderlass - Operation Blood Letting. Cycling first introduced the biological passport in 2008 as a way of monitoring riders' blood values over time and detecting manipulation and the effects of doping that cannot be spotted by a traditional anti-doping ...

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