Tannus Airless Tires claims flat-free riding without the drawbacks

This article first appeared on BikeRadar . Flat tires suck. You know it, I know it. Puncture-free, non-pneumatic tires have been around a while, but the trade-offs are hard to live with. However, Tannus Airless Tires claims its new Slick tire nullifies the downfalls by offering low weight, less rolling resistance and a comparable ride feel to its air-filled counterparts. Boyd Cycling Jocassee 650B wheelset review Shimano 9-speed MTB drivetrains gain features State expands line of low-cost fixies Tannus tire features Nine sizes available 12 colors available Works with standard rims 700c weights starting at 370g £49.99–£59.99 / $60–$80 / AU$68–AU$99 each, depending on size A 700 x 23mm road tire has a claimed weight of 370g High-tech foam If there's no air inside, there's no way for the tire to puncture. Tannus's airless tires are made from micro closed-cell polymer foam material called Aither 1.1, which uses technology from ...

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