Taming The Dragon And The Devil At L'Etape Wales

Emily Chappell 20 Jun 2018 The devil's in the detail, and the distance, at L'Etape Wales I’ve long been suspicious of claims that British landscapes can be just as sublime as their Alpine equivalents, even whilst making them myself. It smacks too much of a small nation’s inferiority complex, and I can’t help but worry that somewhere, up a much bigger hill, the Swiss are laughing at us. But when I found out that Wales now hosts an Etape all of its own – Dragon Ride L'Etape Wales – I couldn’t resist. And as I struggled round the first switchback of the Devil’s Elbow, thankful that no other riders were close enough to hear my laboured breathing, wondering when I’d dare release a hand to wipe the rivulets of sweat that were tickling my upper lip and dismayed that, only a few hours in, my quads were already heavy and ...

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