Talking Points from Stage 12: Is This a Bike Race?

Before getting into any actual analysis give me about a hundred words to gush about the last four kilometres of that stage. It was magnificent. I can count on the fingers of one hand the amount of times I’ve seen GC contenders race each other to a standstill like that and it was riveting to watch. Mix that in with the inter-team dynamics, what had gone before in the stage and the unbelievable ride from Dumoulin and you have one of the classic stages. It might have been even better if Egan Bernal wasn’t such a prodigy, but you can’t have everything. So obviously Froome versus Thomas is the story of the day, but I think the story is far more “Froome is weak” than “Thomas is strong.” Being surprised by Thomas’ performance today seems illogical to me — he had an equally good one yesterday and not a whole ...

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