Summoning up the Energy to Write about this Andrea Tafi Nonsense

Andrea Tafi looking backwards. And you’re lucky I didn’t use the photo of him and Lance.

I don’t think anyone could be said to be following this story about Andrea Tafi wanting to ride Roubaix. If you’re really keeping up to date with it, you truly have my condolences because it is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard in relation to cycling in my lifetime. I’m in favour of retiring at the top of your game. Contador retired too late, for example, while Bernard Hinault has my great and undiminished respect for retiring when he did. But Andrea Tafi...what the fuck is this shit? For those of you who don’t know, the background to that exasperated first paragraph is that former Mapei rider and winner of three monument classics has got it into his head to return to Paris-Roubaix and have another go. At the age of fifty-two. Fourteen years after retiring. Seventeen years after his most recent professional victory. When Andrea Tafi won ...

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