Sssrssp - Internationale Österreich Rundfahrt

Forget France. The Tour of Austria is the best tour over the next week. There’s one really big race starting this weekend-- with all the grand tour contenders you can shake a stick at in attendance. Here’s the thing though-- unless you have a heart boner for sprinting and team time trials, that first week until the cobbles on Stage 9 is going to be pretty boring. And don’t tell me that Stages 5 and 6, which imitate the most derided and dull one day races on the calendar-- Liege and Fleche, are going to make it interesting. So, if you want to see some interesting bike racing over the next 8 days or if you are protesting the Tour based upon the latest Froome news, have I got an SSR for you! As an ignorant ‘merican, that race is the intriguingly-named International Ostrich Round Fart, aka the Tour of ...

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