Specialized S-Works Venge: Lighter, Faster And All-In On Shimano Discs

This article first appeared on BikeRadar . If it was any more aero, it would have to be heavier. Any lighter, and it would be less aero. This is what Specialized says about the new Specialized S-Works Venge, an aero disc bike that will be raced at the Tour de France . Specialized S-Works Tarmac review Specialized Women's S-Works Tarmac SL6 review Weighing a claimed 7.1kg for a 56cm bike, with the lightest paint job Specialized offers, the S-Works Venge frame has been paired down to 960g with the fork coming in at 385g. Even the bar/stem has got lighter, down to 440g from 547g. Its predecessor the Venge ViAS weighed 1,200g with a 410g fork. The bike is a hydraulic/Di2-only machine that comes with a left/right power meter and aero cockpit that is easily adjustable by the rider, including changing stems lengths or even the handlebar. The Venge cockpit ...

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