Smith Network Helmet Review

Joseph Delves Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 10:57 Multiple new technologies and bold styling make for a forward-thinking helmet 4.5 / 5 £140 Sell ‘em how you like, most helmets are just a bit of plastic containing some expanded polystyrene. Cheap to employ, and pretty much universal in its use, I’ve yet to see an independent test where increased cost has equated to a boost in the protection on offer. So, if you want to look after your head the good news is you probably don't need to shell out big money. This fact is partly why helmet design has been largely static for decades. Yet while most helmets still deal with blunt impacts in the same way they have since Bell introduced the first expanded polystyrene helmet back in 1975, some new technology has started to trickle into the market. In creating its new Network helmet, Smith has included ...

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