Shimano Tokyo Urban Rucksack Review

Joe Robinson Friday, March 23, 2018 - 17:13 While this ticks all the boxes of your usual bad, it falls short as a backpack for riding 3.5 / 5 £119.99 I've had this bag for about a month now and I am still finding new pockets. Honestly, I will delve into one of the main zips, rummage my hand around and end up finding a completely new pocket or zipped compartment. By the time I finish this review I will have probably found another. Was this how Mary Poppins did it? Take the front pocket for example. It looks inconspicuous from the outside, like it will be your usual, small front pocket big enough for a pair of gloves or a small cafe lock. But not on the Shimano Tokyo Urban rucksack. Open the zip and you will find seven, yes seven, extra compartments. This includes a zipped pocket, a ...

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