Seeing red: A Vuelta Preview

A countdown of the top eleven contenders for overall glory Here, in my mind, is how a grand tour season should go. At the start of the season, all the big riders pick between the Giro and the Tour. They ride a couple of prep races, then their main target. They have a rest, then they come back for the Vuelta. The Giro guys ride a prep, the Tour guys don’t. We get to watch a race between the winner of the Giro and the winner of the Tour, and decide who’s best. Reader, it doesn’t work like that. Cycling, it turns out, is complicated, and planning an entire season with the assumption that injuries and illnesses won’t happen, that form is predictable and constant, that teammate support is unvarying, and that everyone recovers at the same speed… that’s pretty dumb. On the other hand: whilst it is more complicated ...

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