Schweizer Opens Up About Abuse At Cervelo-Bigla In 2015

Solid first day back for Doris Schweizer (Bigla)

Doris Schweizer , former two-time Swiss road champion, has come forward with details concerning her experiences while racing for Cervelo-Bigla under the team's owner Thomas Campana. Campana was accused of abusing his power as the head of the team in 2015 by bullying, fat shaming, intimidating riders and ignoring medical concerns. "I did not want to comment further, but due to extreme reactions, I would like to share some personal thoughts," Schweizer wrote in her blog on Monday. "It is probably understandable that as a person affected, I cannot understand how such behaviour can be considered ‘normal’ or ‘necessary’ to demand top performance. "Even four months later, the Swiss main sponsor Bigla did not take the opportunity to catch up or to ask questions - but in my opinion, that alone also draws a clear picture." In an article published by the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant last November, former Cervelo-Bigla ...

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